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Dave suggests, 

"Simple repairs on a regular basis can help prevent costly repairs later..." 

Dave Adams Iba, Owner & HandymanDave Adams Iba, Owner & Handyman

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InterMountain Service Blog Tip

Green Home Improvement 

November 2015

  •   Intermountain Service believes, its the small changes to saving big and start going GREEN...

Why should people use CFLs? Switching from traditional light bulbs (called incandescent) to CFLs is an effective, simple change everyone in America can make right now. Making this change will help to use less electricity at home and prevent greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global climate change. Lighting accounts for close to 20 percent of the average home’s electric bill. ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs use up to 75 percent less energy (electricity) than incandescent light bulbs, last up to 10 times longer, cost little up front, and provide a quick return on investment.

If every home in America replaced just one incandescent light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified CFL, in one year it would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes. That would prevent the release of greenhouse gas emissions equal to that of about 800,000 cars...


InterMountain Service Spring Checklist


March 2017

  •  InterMountain Service Suggests Important Spring Maintenance Tips, 

    • Inspect gutters, downspouts and roof; make minor repairs (rain and the east winds are coming!)
    • Set up and test your irrigation system... (weber irrigation water is now going to be metered) 
    • Set up or install swamp coolers and air conditioner window units... (hot summer days are coming)
    • Weatherstrip leaky doors and caulk window frames to keep the house cool
    • Power wash home exterior and deck (its almost barbecue season)
    • Wash windows/remove storm windows... (the beauty of spring is almost here)
    • Inspect yard for standing water areas that can serve as mosquito breeding spots
    • Check for rotted wood with a screwdriver on home exterior and around windows
    • Get outdoor power equipment out of storage, do any necessary maintenance

    We clean gutters, repair damaged gutters and downspouts, install and service swamp coolers, install ceiling fans, and window air conditioners, caulk and weather-strip windows and doors. We power wash siding and decks and inspect roof areas and exteriors for rotted wood, making seamless repairs that protect your home from rain and keep up its curb appeal. And from build-in’s, installing shelves and storage systems to painting interior and exteriors, even cement porches and decks…
    ...InterMoumtain Service makes spring cleaning organization a snap!

InterMountain Service BBB Business Review