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Time To Weed & Feed The Lawn - March 2017  

What: PRO PAX Ultimate Galleria

When: Early spring to mid-to-late spring. Repeat application in fall for optimum results. ( see chart )

How: Apply as directed and immediately water heavily to bond herbicide to soil. Do not aerate or break this barrier.

Why: The "ultimate fertilizer and weed preventer" prevents seeds from germinating up to 180 days.

This includes dandelions, spurge and crabgrass.



Say GOODBYE to Mold    

        "We Can Help Check your for Plumbing Leaks"

If you see mold near water pipes, waste lines, icemaker lines or plumbing fixtures, chances are the mold is feeding off a nearby leak. Let the water run while you check the pipes and surrounding area for damp spots. Remember that water can travel in any direction—down, sideways or even up when it wicks into absorbent material like drywall—so the actual leak may be some distance from the mold.

InterMountain Service BBB Business Review